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Kwekel Painting has been a full-service family owned painting contractor since 1986. We pride ourselves in our professionalism, quality, and enduring value. Our reputation is built upon our organization, cleanliness, and high quality painting. Our reputation is very important to us, because it precedes us and will continue after we’re gone through the referrals you will give. Kwekel Painting proudly serves the Central Florida area. We specialize high quality house painting, both interior and exterior, historic restoration, residential new home construction, commercial painting, and home remodeling projects. Read More

Cabinet Painting Process

Before we start painting your cabinets, the cabinets need to be cleared and appliances removed from the counters. Any furniture or decorations near the surfaces will also need to be removed. We begin the cabinet painting process by masking off the sinks, counters and floors. The fixed appliances are covered and the walls get masked off as well.
Working from top left to bottom right, the doors are removed and labeled. The hinges are taken off and the door is numbered on the wood where the hinge is removed from. Once it is numbered we take blue masking tape and cover the number, this is to prevent it from being painted over later in the cabinet refinishing process.

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We proudly serve the Central Florida area including: Orlando, Daytona, and Jacksonville. Email us today to request a quote for refinishing or painting your cabinets.

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