Cabinet Refinishing Clearwater

Cabinet Refinishing Clearwater

When it comes to old things such as old sofa, flooring or cabinets, most people tend to buy a new item’s than fixing and making it look like new again. There are numerous ways to deal with your tired and old looking kitchen, bathroom, bedroom cabinets.

Buying can be good if you’re financially stable. This can provide immense options, which is not available with your present cabinet. But, this is not an ideal way to handle the issue. In fact, investigation can reveal a wide assortment of options that can make you think again of replacing old cabinets. Weigh all options, you will realize that cabinet refinish is the solution.

Cabinet Refinishing Do’s and Don’ts

True refinishing kitchen cabinet is one of the time consuming and overwhelming job because of its complexities, but there are some tricks, which you can utilize to save money and shorten the process.


  1. List all the things you need before going to home improvement store. Jot down palm sander, varnish remover, plastic, steel wool, tack cloths, foam brushes, rough and fine grit sandpaper, varnish and stain to your list to avoid overbuying or missing important material.
  2. Use top quality materials to make your cabinet prettier. This can also lengthen the life span of your fixture.
  3. Use rough grit sandpaper when sanding all wood. This will help you remove the finish fast. You can use the fine grit sandpaper after you have removed all the finished, and to ready for staining and smoothen the wood.
  4. Use hand varnish and sanding remover in areas where palm sander doesn’t fit. If you fail to get rid of the old finish before beginning to apply stain, some areas will not match other surfaces.
  5. When wiping stains, make sure to use clean rags. You don’t need to buy new brushes for the stain since this worsen the situation. To gain more control, apply it by hand. This will save cash on brushes.
  6. Don’ts

    1. Avoid countess trips to home improvement store just because you have forgotten something. Gas expenses will lessen the money you save from doing it on your own. This can also waste your time and prolong the process.
    2. Avoid buying on-sale varnish and stain products since these have been around for some time now and will not look good on your cabinet. Make sure to check if the varnish has thick scum since this is a clear sign that it old.
    3. Avoid sanding too deep in areas just to get rid of scratches. You will surely end up with valleys and peaks on your cabinet. As an alternative, sand the whole surface until smooth before applying wood filler if scratch looks bad.
    4. Don’ do all finish removal using varnish remover. Despite the fact that the products say it’s simple to use, expect tiring and exhausted work. Cabinet refinishing takes massive work, you will breath-in unhealthy chemical fumes, dig finish-out corners and moldings, comes with great mess, can cost great amount of cash.
    5. Keep used foam brushed. Wrap it with a plastic bag or plastic wrap to stay soft and used multiple times. This foam brushes are less expensive and don’t leave marks unlike brushes.
    6. Is it Easy to Refinish Cabinet?

      If you’re planning to remodel kitchen in an inexpensive and easy way, start with your cabinet. Start with shopping, make sure jot down all materials you will be needing. You can visit home improvement store to get an idea of the latest cabinet style and color that you want.

      Before you start, make sure to remove all drawers, and e fronts from hinges. This can be done while project is in place. But, this is quite messy and it can damage your counters or appliances. Job can be performed easily if removed.

      Cabinet refinishing must be done in place with proper ventilation such a garage or outdoors to avoid breathing in the chemicals. Make sure to use eye protector while sanding to prevent eye irritation and other related health concerns. Sand each pieces completely with the use of course paper, but you have to be extra careful of the wood gauge.

      Once you have sand all the pieces completely, use damp and clean cloth to wipe it. This will remove dirt and dust from the surface before painting. Use oil-based paint since this provides a more durable and long lasting finish. You can also use latex but this requires a sealer. Brush the pain gently on the cabinet pieces to avoid lines and runs from the bush. Make sure to dry is completely before applying the 2nd pain coat.

      To sand paints between coats, make use of fine sandpaper. Sanding get rid of any lines and bring you smooth finish. Once latex is used, apply sealer in 2 coats and let it dry before applying the next coat. Making use of sealer over the latex paint gives more durability, this can also make your cabinet easy to clean.

      Once the sealer and pain dried completely, you need to measure the cabinet to conclude if where the pulls must be placed after hanging it back again. If you have place the knobs or pulls on, and you find it obnoxious, you can easily replace it with different style.

      Benefits of Cabinet Refinishing

      Cabinets allow you to organize things in well-ordered mannered. These come in a wide assortment of styles and colors to fit your personal preferences. Through this, you can make your kitchen, bathroom or even bedroom cabinets look new again without spending too much. Below are some other benefits of cabinet refinishing:
      Buying new cabinets to replace the older one can be expensive. For average kitchen, cost range from five to eight dollars.

      1. Kitchen demolition takes an average time of three to six weeks. This is quite disturbing especially if you have work and other responsibilities to do.
      2. If you choose to place new cabinets, you have to put on new counter top as well. This will cost you bunch of dollars.
      3. New cabinet also require you to hire plumber. He needs to plumb your new sink to match the cabinet and countertops.