Cabinet Refinishing Deland

When it’s Time for a Change – Refinish Your Cabinets.

cabinet refinishing expert Deland

Whether you intend to sell your house or just looking to give your kitchen a facelift, refinishing your cabinets is the way to go. A more cost-effective option than cabinet refacing, cabinet refinishing will refresh the look and feel of your kitchen and maximize the overall appeal of your house if you decide to sell it. When it’s time for a change, having your cabinets refinished is really the best option.

Brighten up your kitchen without breaking your budget.

Did you see cabinet refacing costs? Why reface kitchen cabinets if you can save some serious cash by refinishing them instead? On average kitchen cabinet refinishing will cost about 60 percent of the cost of cabinet refacing. If your cabinets are in good shape or solid wood, refinishing them is the best way to liven up your kitchen while staying on budget. In addition to being cost-effective, cabinet refinishing is also more eco-friendly, because you are simply “up-cycling” what you already have, and not using more resources. Plus, you can choose special “green” paints that are low-odor and low off-gassing.

But probably the best part about cabinet refinishing is that you get to keep the original style and layout of your kitchen. Because only the cabinet doors and drawers are taken off to be refinished, the cabinet boxes are left in place so your kitchen remains intact too. The end result is a beautiful kitchen in the style you love that looks brand new!

Get a brand new kitchen look with a professional touch.

For the best, enduring results, consider hiring a professional to paint your kitchen cabinets. For cabinet refinishing Deland, FL, Kwekel Painting is the contractor you need. We provide high-quality, professional kitchen cabinet refinishing services that are guaranteed to give your cabinets a new lease on life and help you stay on budget. Why pay more if you can achieve amazing results for less with Kwekel Painting?

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