Cabinet Refinishing Sarasota

Cabinet Refinishing Sarasota, FL

Should you reface kitchen cabinets or refinish them?

Worn out, dated cabinets set the tone for the entire kitchen. When your kitchen starts to look old and dreary, it may be because your cabinets have seen better days. But before you start tearing out your old cabinetry, learn about other ways to update your kitchen without having to tear anything out and replacing your existing cabinets.

Kitchen upgrade options: cabinet refacing and cabinet refinishing.

Unfortunately, not all homeowners can afford having brand new cabinets installed when remodeling their kitchen. If you are one of those homeowners, fortunately for you, there are other, cheaper options available to give your kitchen a new, fresh look. Ultimately, you have two options to choose from: cabinet refacing and cabinet refinishing.

Benefits of refinishing kitchen cabinets:

  • Costs much less than replacing or refacing cabinets and yet, cabinets are refinished better than the factory finish right out of the shop
  • Very quick turnaround
  • No hassle with buying anything new, as refinishing only requires the existing cabinets to be stripped and painted or stained.
  • Hundreds of choices of paint colors
  • You can create just about any look you want. This allows you to experiment with a new style or copy a design from a magazine or TV.

For cabinet refinishing to work properly, your kitchen cabinets must be structurally sound. If they are, why go through the challenge and expense of cabinet replacing or refacing if refinishing can save you thousands of dollars while giving your kitchen a great new look? Choosing cabinet refinishing is really your best kitchen upgrade option.

Benefits of kitchen cabinet refacing:

  • More economical than installing new cabinets (save up to 45%)
  • Quicker turnaround (days instead of weeks)
  • You can still use your kitchen while the cabinets are being refaced
  • Drawers and doors can be replaced without demolishing the whole kitchen.

Choosing to reface kitchen cabinets allows you to match the overall style and design of your kitchen. There are a variety of veneers to choose from that allow you to design a look to your taste. In the cabinet refacing process, a paper-thin veneer is ironed to your cabinet boxes and then stained to match. Bear in mind that overtime the glue on this veneer will start to fail and the veneer can peel off.

If you need a professional contractor to refinish cabinets for you, give Kwekel Painting a call or apply opnline.