Cabinet Refinishing Venice

Cabinet Refinishing Venice

Cabinet Refinishing Vs. New Cabinets

If you’re planning to update your home, the best investment is remodeling your kitchen. Since kitchen is the activity hub of your family, where you chat and catch up with another, the area should be inviting and cozy. Having an airy space is important.

For some who wants to sell their home at a good price, proper shelving, appliances and doors make great difference between settling for disappointing offer or getting good price. For whatever reason you have, make sure to consider cabinet refinishing since this is the most affordable way to modernize the feel and look of your kitchen. Some will surely encourage you to install new and custom features cabinets, but having it resurfaced is the best among all new alternatives.

Cabinet Refinishing Is Much Affordable Than What You Think

Getting rid of old drawers and shelves and replacing it with new doors and boxes is very expensive. If you will compute the price, replacing old fixtures with a new one can cost more than $15. Price can increase if you choose to use wood, unique elements and customized trims. Since this cost a lot, homeowners end up cutting corners in areas like countertops. If you want your kitchen to look good and to avoid compromising other areas. Cabinet refinishing is the ultimate solution. This gives you the opportunity to save money and invest it elsewhere. Generally, you can save almost half on the cost.

Older Woods are much Durable

If your home feature traditional carpentry style or unique architecture that are strong, you can rip it and make it look new again. Numerous old kitchens are well-built and feature smoothly gliding hardware and dovetail joints. You don’t have to destroy it just to replace it with less quality product. You can restore and preserves historical and structural identity of your home instead of replacing it with a new one.

Less Time, Trendy Result!

During home remodeling, your home is prone to hazardous chemicals. This can affect shelves that are installed, new countertops an d painted walls. Your family can be at risk too and disrupted for several days or weeks because of home renovation. With refinishing, you can turn old looking cabinet like new again. This also take less installation time even if you want to customize other elements such as slide out drawers or spice racks to improve your kitchen’s function.

You do not have to remove glasses, dishes, pans, pots and other valuable items from the cabinet. You can simply cover it while conducting refinishing. You will love to see your kitchen looking chic again without having to put all stuffs back after a few weeks.

Cabinet Refinishing is GREEN!

All people wants to save the environment, however, some green products are time consuming and expensive. Cabinet refinishing is different. If your cupboards are in good condition and sturdy, its best to consider cabinet refinishing. This is an ideal way to get the color and style you want without having to throw usable kitchen drawers and shelves out in the landfill.

Simple Cabinet Refinishing HOW TO’s

  • You have to plan the work ahead of time. This will help you organize tools and materials needed before getting started.
  • Remove cabinets shelves and doors. Most shelves can be lift off with supports or pegs, while some need to be pried off or unscrewed from their support. If screws happen to be caked in old paint, simply clean the channel using small screwdriver or knife tip. Remove screws but you have to be extra careful not to damage or slip the channel, or else it will be hard to unscrew. To remember if where the shelves and doors go, make sure to label it. You can make use of painters strip tape.
  • Clean your cabinet carefully. Any grease on the surface can interfere with your refinishing. You can make use of TSP product since this can remove and clean heavy grease deposit with strong concentration. Sand rough areas lightly or peel varnish or pain then sand the entire surface until even and smooth. When your through with sanding, you can wipe the wood using damp cloth to get rid of dust particles, then let it dry. If you will be using oil-base product to the finish, you can dampen your cloth with paint thinner or mineral spirit instead of water to allow rapid drying.
  • Make sure to clean your cabinet’s hardware to give it fresher look. Soak your hardware for 30 minutes in soapy water and scrub lightly using soft brush. Rise the hardware, let it completely dry before applying polish.
  • Strip painted harder, place it in a crockpot and cover with H2O. Add two (liquid) laundry detergent (liquid), set to medium heat and set timer to eight hours or even longer. Once done, carefully remove hardware and peel the pain off.
  • Fill chips, nicks and dents with a wood putty. Make sure to sand the putty after drying until smooth. Wipe it using damp cloth to get rid of dust particles and to let it dry completely.
  • Prime the cabinet. If you’re planning to make use of paint during cabinet refinishing, this has to be primed.
  • Primer will seal the wood, cover blemishes, knots stains and more.
  • Now, you can paint the cabinet using your desired color. This is your moment. Transform your kitchen from dingy and dull to modern and hip.
  • Warnings and Tips during Cabinet Refinishing

    If your spraying the final varnish or paint coat, make sure that all doors are flat and not in the area of a spray dust. If you use polyurethane varnish, this add amazing tone to your wood, while waterborne varnish does not add color. If your only reapplying new varnish, you do not need to remove the door from the frame since this takes a lot of time and unnecessary.

    You can use wipe on varnishes since these are great for beginner wood finisher. This comes in satin finish. Varnishes comes in variety of gloss level: semi-gloss, satin and gloss. While varnishes and paints comes in range of finishes, for paints you can look for eggshell, semi-gloss, flat, and gloss. Since fumes from bonding and degreaser agents are strong, you must keep well circulated fresh air. This project can be done in open areas like backyard or garage.